Demand Faster Treatment for pancreatic cancer

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Erika says 'Your only chance of surviving is to get some treatment. And nothing appears."

Tell Ministers: faster treatment for pancreatic cancer saves lives 70,000 have signed. Help reach 100,000.

3 in 4 people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer don’t survive beyond a year. Many because they weren’t treated in time. But faster treatment saves lives and helps give people like Erika the best chance to live longer. It is vital that people with pancreatic cancer are treated within 20 days of diagnosis. 

Sign our petition now to tell UK Governments to deliver faster treatment.

To: Health Ministers of UK Governments. I urge you to set an ambition to treat people with pancreatic cancer within 20 days of diagnosis, by 2024. 

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Very sadly, since we first created this page, Erika Vincent - whose story is outlined below and who has been at the forefront of our Demand Faster Treatment campaign over the last few months – has passed away. All of our thoughts are with her loved ones at this extremely difficult time. We are in touch with Erika’s family, and they have let us know that they would like us to continue with the campaign that she felt so passionate about. For that reason, we have decided to leave the remainder of this petition page as it was before we heard the news.

Erika's story

"I was diagnosed as early as I possibly could be but they didn't treat me. And to not give people treatment after diagnosing them is psychological torture. Because you know you are dying. And you know your only chance of surviving is to get some treatment. And nothing appears. So that is absolutely devastating.

Physically I was getting worse. I was starving to death, for a start. I couldn't eat, I was getting weaker and weaker. I was housebound because I couldn't sit any more. I didn't have much of a quality of life because I was just sleeping most of the time.

The first round of treatment made such a big difference. So I was still pretty ill but at least I had hope. As soon as you start treatment you get given hope. And that's the key thing. You suddenly have hope."  

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